6ixr is derived from six “R’s” which define its mission.

Reuse – In a disposable world new is often seen as the default solution, 6ixr fosters a mindset in which leveraging what already exist is the preferred method.

Redevelop – Promote development on physical space that has been previously developed, whether a preservation effort or a full demolition and rebuild.  6ixr places a high value on green space and virgin land.

Restore – Some building are ornate irreplaceable structures, other built for utilitarian function, all building tell a story.  6ixr is committed to preserving the past while updating buildings to the point where their futures are as promising as the day the foundation was laid.

Repurpose – Too many times structures are labeled obsolete, tied to a job they were originally designed for that is no longer needed.  6ixr asked what is a property’s inherent strengths? How can those strengths be applied to today’s needs?

Revitalize – No property should be looked at as an island, each one interacts with its environment.  6ixr approaches each project as an opportunity to make the neighborhoods around it stronger.

ReBuff – Challenge the beliefs that developers, investors, and the public feel about abandoned and underutilized properties.  A tribute to Buffalo, New York 6ixr’s home, and the city that helped created the vision that is 6ixr.